October’s Top 10 (ish)

Trip to Snyder farm

IMG_0703 IMG_0704 IMG_0707 IMG_0712

Fall break in Madison

IMG_0745 IMG_0753 IMG_0762

The remodel begins…


Halloween with the Ariel, Strider, and the wolf

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Lucy’s famous scary face pumpkin…with a bow



I never did much for Halloween growing up.  Then we spent our kids earliest years in Argentina where it’s not really much of a thing.  Last year we were sort of in a daze.  Halloween happened, but we were just sort of carried along by it.

This year we did Halloween.  Planned costumes.  Planned dinner.  Planned trick or treating in our new neighborhood.  I’ll say this for it.  The kids already remember it as “really fun.”  Memory is so kind.  In order to further that happy forgetting process, there are no pictures of crying in what follows (or of doorbell-crazed dogs straining to run away with trick or treaters).

Halloween dinner:

The princess.  Say what you want about little girls and princess obsessions, after some of the costumes I saw, she can be a princess forever if she wants.

Harry and Hermione.  I will love these little nerds forever.

Trick or treating with friends.  In the COLD.

And home to the fire, to eat the loot and drink hot chocolate.

We like holidays around here, but it is with a sigh of relief that we turn now to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I think today I’ll give thanks that Halloween is a whole year away again.




More fall

So then there were the two weeks where we had the flu that turned into pneumonia (or Ellie did, at least).  That was fun.  Sadly we spent a lovely Indian summer like this:

But we tried to take advantage of all that indoor time by working on the house.  We finished up the girls’ room.  (Almost)

They were really excited to have it done.

Plus we made the family room look like we live here.

We even carved pumpkins to try to stay in the spirit.

And at last the antibiotics kicked in and we got some outside time.  Lots of leaves.  No more warmth, though.

I wish I gotten our “fairy tree” before most of the leaves fell off.  It was beautiful.

On Saturday we were able to go out and have a family day.  Nate took Ellie and Scott to the light’s off (scary) haunted house at the Children’s Museum.  Lucy and I played in the museum while they went off to be freaked out.

Confession:  I spent a while wondering why they had named that doll Tom.  And why they had written its name on its forehead.  And if that was maybe a little racist.  Then I realized it says TCM (the children’s museum).  Okay.  Moving right along.

Dinner at Chicago Hot Dog Co.

And home for a bonfire with some ghost stories and s’mores and hot chocolate.  And okay, the ghost stories turned into a Harry Potter guessing game, but that’s fallish, too, right? (And, admittedly, nerdy)

Now that Ellie has her own camera, we have a lot of pictures of each other like this.  (Also, this is how you help kids recover from pneumonia, right?)

So we’re back on track and ready for Halloween tonight.  You’ll never guess what we’re dressing up as this year.


This Week – October 31-November 6


The princesses are ready for their first real trick or treating.

Watch out for Batman.  He takes his work seriously.

And so it begins.

It turns out the princess isn’t at all shy if you are giving her candy.

This week Lucy was potty trained.  I swear this was not our method. (It does explain the lack of pants, though.)

The big girl herself.  Only one week later, having an accident-free day.

Ellie learned new skills, too.

We are thankful.  More thankful every day.

Have a very green Halloween

I know, I know.  All I’ve done for months is post pictures.  But that’s not so bad, is it?  There’s stuff to say.  There always is.  But not tonight.

Tonight I give you an original song by Ellie and Scott.  Punctuated by a visit from a very cute pink ghost.


They might just be a little excited about their first ever trick or treat experience. Happy Halloween, everyone!

This Week – October 10-16

I have been running past this in the dark three times a week.  Then I ran past it in the day.

Taking advantage of the leaf pile before mulching it.

Three foot leaf piles are actually quite comfortable.

View from the leaf pile

On our way to a farm party.

The Snyder farm

Every farm needs a princess.

The woods, a bonfire, some friends

And, you know, iPhones

Hay ride

Tractor wheels are really big.

Zoo Boo